Get To Know Us

Afhton Stetzer, MS, CCC-SLP

Afhton is the owner of Earthshine, serving as a speech therapist. Afhton has skilled experience with childhood apraxia of speech, autism spectrum disorder, and speech and language treatment in an aquatic setting.  Afhton has been in the Greenville area since 2015, currently living downtown with her best friend and a sweet tuxedo cat named June. 

Afhton enjoys collaborating with many disciplines in order to create the most beneficial intervention style for each patient. This has led her to patient's homes, parks, and pools, formulating unique and fast-paced treatment sessions for her energy filled kiddos.

Afhton graduated from the University of Kentucky with her master's in Communication Sciences and Disorders.  

Bri is a speech-language pathologist and certified lactation counselor who specializes in pediatric feeding disorders (PFDs). She has extensive experience working with infants and children with feeding and swallowing disorders, as well as a special interest in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Bri has received two ASHA Awards for Continuing Education in 2020 and was also awarded Distinguished Early Career Professional by ASHA in 2020. She is currently working on becoming a board certified specialist in swallowing and swallowing disorders (BCS-S).

Bri strives to provide neurodiversity affirming care in a family-centered manner. Bri believes in the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and isn't afraid to reach out to other professionals to advocate for your child. 

When Bri isn't spending time with her Earthshine families, she is providing continuing education courses and guest lectures across the world on pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders. or spending time with her husband and their fur babies. She is also the president of the Pediatric Feeding Disorders Foundation, a non-profit with a mission to provide financial and educational support to empower families of children with pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders.

Brianna Miluk, MS, CCC-SLP, CLC